The Grain Store Craft Beer Cafe, a specialised restaurant that is owned and operated by Kristy and Corey Crooks, has been restored to the beautiful Warehouse venue it once was. Located in Newcastle’s food and cafe hub of the Historic East End; with high ceilings, Art Deco tiling and timber flooring, it is the perfect site for the Craft Beer focused restaurant it now is. It oozes character and style, and it’s walls tell a story.

Situated on the corner of Scott & Telford St, it was built by J.T Toohey (Tooheys Brewery) in 1885. It was originally built as the Grain and keg storage facility, (hence the name) & acted as the Newcastle Depot. The original elevator shaft down to the underground basement is still there to this day and can be seen by customers.

The Grain Store boasts a tap list totalling 21, featuring 100% independently owned and 100% Australian brewed, Craft Beers. This makes it one of the largest Craft Beer tap lists in Australia. This allows us to always have the beer style of your liking available on tap at any given time to match up perfectly with our menu offerings. So whether it’s a crisp pilsner, hoppy IPA, smoked porter or dry stout, and everything else in between, it will be there for you to pair with our fresh and tasty food offering.

We don’t expect you to know everything about food & craft beer pairing. That’s what our trained staff are for. We are very passionate about product knowledge and service when it comes to our food & Craft Beer and ensure that all our staff are dedicated to the cause! So come on down and allow us to share our knowledge and open your eyes to the world of Craft Beer and the amazing beer taste experiences and food pairing opportunities it can give you!

We have a diverse all day menu that has been put together with love and passion, share plates for groups, quality pizza, our famous Buffalo Wings, and meals that work well with good beer.