COVID-19 – Temporary Closure till 16th April

Dear Newcastle,

Following today’s trading, our team has decided to take a pause, to take a moment to breathe and spend some quality time with our young families.

We had some pre-planning in place which allowed us to make a fast transition into a very different world, upon doing this we didn’t allow ourselves time to be with those most important to us, OUR family. We didn’t allow ourselves the time for our minds to adjust, and we didn’t really have the opportunity to get our heads into this new structure. Trying to keep the wheels turning whilst keeping one eye on the latest Address from the PM, to see what that means for the business and our team, has been difficult, to say the least.

We are all very concerned and aware of the physical ailments that COVID-19 bears down upon society and understand the measures that have been implemented for us all to do our part to flatten the curve… and we also need to take the time to ensure we ALL take care of our mental wellbeing through these challenging times.

We are not saying farewell, but simply see you soon… 

We are going to have a bit of a re-set to allow everything to sink in, spend some time with those dearest to us and come back to serve YOU ALL with positive vibes & embrace what is now our new normal. It also allows time for the dust to settle on government initiatives and the structures they are finalising, to enable businesses like us to survive.

Finally, from the bottom of all our hearts, we want to say a huge Thank You Newy.

If it was allowed right now, we would reach out and hug all of you who have shown incredible loyalty and compassion by supporting our family-owned business these last few weeks. We still have many more to go & would love you to continue that journey with us.

Our promise to you is to get back on deck feeling fresher than we are right now and to do our absolute best to keep some part of the Grain Store in your lives. Hopefully, you, sharing some wings or burgers with the Family at home on a Friday night can give some sense of normality in what are very abnormal times.

We will be back at 4.30pm on Thursday 16th April.

Much Love
The Grain Store Family