Hi all, firstly we would like to give all of the beautiful souls who have supported us through these last few months a massive hug (If it was allowed) … We really appreciate so many of you going out of your way to spend a bit of your hard-earned cash with us along this journey and helping us keep our the lights on and a large part of our amazing team employed. ❤️👊👏 We love you Newy!

Secondly some trading hours changes will take effect from next week as we work to transition from a purely takeaway/delivery operation into a venue with the 50 customer capacity.

* We will be closed Mon & Tue moving forward & operate from Wed-Sun, this will be reviewed after the first few weeks of the new normal operations.

* Takeaway will still be a part of what we do but will now be just for be via pick-up only from the 3rd June. – The online ordering site will also remain.

* ONLINE Bookings are now LIVE for in-house bookings from the 3rd June *NSW Govt Health laws/conditions will be strictly followed.

* Next week – Still operating under 10 pax capacity for in-house dining, we do have spots available Wed-Sun,
(Fri night, Sat Arvo & Night & Sun Arvo are FULLY BOOKED)

Again thanks so much for helping us along this rocky journey & we are absolutely pumped to be able to look after you all back inside our venue once again.

Team Grain Store