NYE in Nashville w/ Grayson

Celebrate the end of 2018 & the beginnings of the New Year Nashville Style. We will play host to Grayson the Newcastle born & raised musician who has made a big name for himself living in Nashville and touring the USA over the past 8 years.

No cover charge applies. Donations will be going directly to Buy a Bale of Hay – Making a difference to Australian Farming Families

Limited table are available to book for 5.30pm – 6pm – 6.30pm ONLY

Don’t forget your Hat & Boots!

About Grayson:
“Grayson has a magnetic personality. He’s one of those guys who when he enters a room, He is the life of the party! extremely talented, especially in his guitar playing. It was fun listening to him describe his experiences in the us and looking at our country through someone else’s eyes. His personality and guitar playing really are the things that stand out … that alone can make him a star!!”
Ben Catley – On air personality — KKYN PLAINVIEW TX.

Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his gift of storytelling. His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the often forgotten moments in between. Grayson captures those precious moments and delivers them to his audience with a rare, raw sincerity.

In live performances, Grayson effortlessly creates and maintains a direct connection with his audience using natural dialogue that elevates the experience from a typical performer-audience interaction into a captivating and relatable peer-to-peer experience.

Michael Edser is Grayson, which is a reference to his childhood street where he grew up in Kotara South, NSW Australia and where he spent many years developing his talent to write, sing and play music.

Grayson embraces the spotlight with an easy nature, while sustaining his genuine charisma seamlessly from stage to music to film to real life. A gregarious soul, Grayson’s catchy humour endears him to his admiring audience who await for what he will say or sing next.

A captivating songwriter with a style reminiscent of some of the greats in the industry, Grayson receives international praise for being a unique artist with an Americana/Country folk style. As his music evolves, he continues to differentiate himself from the current musical landscape on mainstream country radio.