Supercars FAQ’s

Q – Are we open?
A – Yes, from 9am (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Q – Do I need a supercars ticket to come in?
A – For entry prior to 6pm YES a race ticket or resident accreditation is required. Pedestrian (NON Ticket holders) access will be open from 6pm each day

Q – Can we book tables?
A – No we will operate as normal (via walk-ins only after 4pm Fri)

Q – Will your normal menu be available?
A – Yes, however due to delivery restrictions some items may sell out by Sunday. (Full menu available all day plus breakfast rolls on Sat & Sun mornings)

Q – Will you have your normal beers on tap or are you restricted to selling Supercars endorsed products?
A – We will be operating our beer list as normal and have no affiliation to Supercars or their endorsed products whatsoever.